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One of my favourite soups is BEETROOT SOUP. Its ever so easy to make:

4 large organic beets washed with skins left on

1 large organic brown onion with skin left on

garlic oil

2 cups organic chicken/vegetable stock

half an organic orange

sour cream

salt and pepper

place the beets and onions in a foil pocket, drizzle with garlic oil.  place in a low oven. allow to cook for about an hour or until soft.  Once fairly cooled, peal the beetroots and onion and blend until smooth adding chicken stock until it reaches the consistency of your liking. Squeeze in the orange and  season with salt and pepper with a huge  dollop of sour cream on top. My little one loves this soup, she calls it Pink soup

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Snappy Pleasant Pea Soup

This is a super quick recipe I use when I need to get lunch on the table in a dash. Today my oldest was up at 3am, a sick little puppy. When my day starts off like this, I just know that things will not be running according to schedule, and lunch needs to be a no brainer, and no strainer.  That’s why a quick lunch like this is just perfect when I know my hands will be full  nursing a sick child the entire day.


  • 1 pack of frozen organic  peas
  • 3 spring onions chopped      tip: scissors works a treat for this chopping job
  • about 2 cups chicken stock
  • left over lettuce if you have (not essential)
  • chopped free range ham
note: i use mostly organic ingredients, unless otherwise stated- unless you are an organic adict hippie like me, using non organic produces a similar result.


Fry up the spring onions on a gentle heat in some olive oil for about 2 min, add the chicken stock, peas and lettuce. Bring to the boil. Add the ham. Turn down the heat and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.
When you are ready for lunch, just transfer the peas with a slotted spoon to an electric blender( or use a hand-held blender) and gradually add soup ladles full of the liquid stock in-between each pulse of the blender until it reaches a consistency of your liking- we prefer a gorgeous green puree looking substance that smells just too scrumy-licious for words.  I put a dollop of sour cream in the middle, and make a silly pattern so that the husband and little one feel ‘the love’!

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A quick and easy treat

My mother in-law gave us some left over apple pie from a dinner party she hosted the night before. I decided it needed something extra special just to make this naughty treat even naughtier. Our oldest princess is in bed, littleone is fussing for a bath and feed and well this is really all we have to look forward to 8:30pm- oh how life has changed!  so while hubby is trying to entertain baby for a few minutes, i escape to the kitchen to whip up our very second hand dessert. The vanilla paste once added to the double cream leaves gorgeous little specs that make it taste and look so ‘vanillary’.

baby fed, mommy and daddy fed- household content….

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