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I was given the wonderful opportunity to treat myself to a long shower compliments of my thoughtful husband who got home early from work . I was so looking forward to it, if you are a mother of small children you know what I’m talking about when I say: that moment in the shower each day is true gold- all external sounds of family activities are drowned out and its the only part of the day where I feel that I am truly on my own, even if it’s a 5 minute rushed shower, its complete bliss. Feeling very zen and ready to face the challenging ‘witching hour’ of the day- I calmly ran my brush through my just washed mane, only to find that there at the back of my head was a gigantic knot, the size of a birds nest! how had this happened? had I neglected my appearance and daily grooming to the point where birds could quite comfortably move into the mass of tangled strands I once called hair! look, I know having a new baby and chasing after a toddler all day can limit the amount of time spent in front of the mirror, but this was just ridiculous. the worst part of it all was that my dear hubby had spared me the humiliation and had turned a blind eye to the dark circles under my eyes, post pregnant pot belly, regrowth from hell and the new real estate sticking out from the back of my head.

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