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I look at my 2 and a half-year old, and how quickly she is growing. Now looking at my new baby’s little feet, I realise I must cherish every little moment with both my girls. even when some days I feel totally overwhelmed and swamped by household chores, I deliberately have to pause for a moment and drop the wash basket that’s pulling a muscle in my back, sit down and just watch my girls. just to stare at them and be grateful for the amazing blessing my husband and I have been given.

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Its raining again, and our little poppet is still feeling sick. So instead of trying to chear her up with some Dora the Explorer( totally obsessed at the moment)

We recycle most of our rubbish, but sometimes I collect egg cartons, cute and interesting plastic/glass containers for various arts and crafts. Here we have used lentils and a few bits and bobs to create a game of hiding and finding the toy animals.

This activity lasts a good 20 minutes before our poppet gets bored and needs a different source of stimulation…hello Dora!

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