We have an open plan kitchen/dining/living room area. Its very short on space as well as storage so we have had to utilise a dresser and sideboard to house all or formal dinning ware and cutlery.

In the sideboard we have a little drawer where i keep smaller serving cutlery, including napkin rings. I love using linen and cloth napkins for special occasions or when we have guests. Whilst traveling in Europe i managed to collect a few tablecloths and napkins that are either handmade or vintage. Another place i have been known to get lost in is the odd charity/op shop. I love browsing through abandoned pieces of vintage textiles,glassware and crockery. I have found some really unique pieces that may have just sat around collecting dust in someones home. I don’t believe in rarely using your best silver or dinnerware, i like to use things as often as possible. whats the point in owning something lovely and barely getting any pleasure out of it?Its just “stuff”,  who cares if it breaks or gets old and tatty? after all – our possessions are not to own us, we are to own them.






The amount of times i have picked up dinnerware/glassware , second hand that looks rather grubby, but i can see the potential- got home shoved it in the dishwasher and voila- out comes a beautiful new looking item full of character and charm.


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