• concealer
  • compact face powder
  • water-proof mascara
  • bronzer
  • large brush
  • 2 small eye brushes

Unlike the days when i would wake up at 6am and get ready for work, firstly by putting my face on, i now wake up for a baby or a toddler anytime between the hours of 2am and 6am. I therefore do not have the pleasure of doing my face first thing in the morning due to the schedule my two little ones have me on. I need something that is easily transportable- a small basket that houses all my make up bits works wonders. i can literally grab the basket as Im going down stairs-baby in one arm and toddler close behind. dump it at one of the many mirrors we have in our home and return to do my face when i get a 2 minute breather. Im not saying i put make up on every single day, most days i try to just conceal the dark rings from lack of sleep and I cant live without bronzer, i use this instead of blush as it help to keep my tired complexion from looking anaemic . I do think its important to try find the time in the day to pay attention to ones appearance. especially as a mother, its so easy to get trapped in a vicious cycle of staying in your pjs until at least lunch and never bothering with makeup or a hairbrush. I’m talking about 5 minutes ladies-  at the most, it just makes you feel half human again and gives you a sense of self worth. besides do i really want my husband to return home to a wife that looks like she has been pulled through a bush backwards and hung off the side of a moving truck? a bit of effort on the old appearance go’s a long way….


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