I had such fun the other day shopping for creative bits for my now 3 year old poppet. In Australia we have a discount store called ‘the reject shop’, and oh my, is it a fabulous place to find arts and crafts for youngins…and its super cheap! anyhow, i collected a mass of exciting alphabet, number and farm animal stickers. they have these peel off backs that make it super easy for little sausage fingers to cope with. Also in the shopping basket was a stack of multicoloured pieces of paper scraps and fluffy pom poms.The alphabet and number stickers are great for practicing and teaching counting and recognition of letters and numbers. I also found these great storage boxes to house all the bits and pieces. I have a small kiddies table set up in our living room where our little munchkin does all her creative activities- she just loves it,and she can keep busy for quite some time.

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