Happy Lady Happy Dog

I painted this jolly lass with her dog one day when i was missing having a dog in the home. I grew up with sausage dogs (dachshunds) and its been over 10 years since i last heard the scurrying of little paws across the kitchen floor. I remember how obsessed i was with our dogs, my sister and i used to dress them up in dolls clothes. The dogs were quite literally tormented by two little girls who tugged at their ears trying to wrap ‘scrunchies’ around them. Actually, they were very patient dogs, or just to fat and lazy to move or resist. My mother had them on a diet of pet mince mixed with gourmet left overs, their food was so ‘a la carte’ that my dad served us dog food by mistake one day for lunch…no! we did not eat it, even after my dad had finished half his plate to try and prove to us that it was quite alright.

Oh how i miss them. one day when our girls are bigger, we might just have to get a dog….or two. have to convince my husband first.

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